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Chang's School of Martial Arts is a community-based non-profit organization offering Martial Arts instruction in several disciplines for children, youth, and adults, including T.K.A.Judo, and Ninja-Fu.  Please select the Martial Arts page for details about each of the martial arts programs.

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School News

Next Test Date

The next belt promotional exam will be help Friday, May 5th.

Schedule test times are:

  • JUDO - 5 PM 
  • TKA - 6 PM
  • NINJA-FU - 7 PM

For JUDO please make sure you have discussed testing with an instructor and confirmed.

For TKA and NINJA-FU, make sure you have an instructor signed pretest form.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Holidays and Next Test Date

Holiday Schedule

We will closed on Satuday, December 24th and December 31st.

Belt Promotional Exams

The next belt test will be held on Friday, January 13th.

  • Judo - 5 PM
  • TKA - 6 PM
  • Ninja-Fu - 7 PM

If you have any questions please Contact Us.