Basic Judo Etiquette and Hygiene

Entering and leaving the Dojo

All Judoka (students and instructors) should perform a standing bow in and out of the Dojo.


When in any Dojo you are to remain seated in the correct Seiza (kneeling seated) unless the Sensei tells you to sit some other way. 

General Behavior

Judoka should keep talking to a minumum and in a quiet voice.  It is recommended to keep the focus on Judo and not on external aspects.

Randori should only be done under the supervision of an instructor.

Kata (including Uchikomi) may be practiced.

Students need to follow all instructions from the instructor.


  • Nails should  be kept short
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • Uniforms should be kept clean and in good repair
  • All cuts or wounds should be adequately covered with tape and/or bandages.
  • No shoes or foot wear are allowed on the mat.
  • Some form of foot-wear should be used off the mat.
  • Do not train if you are sick and potentially contagious.